Nairn - remembering Ian Smith (Scottish Seniors Autumn Meeting, August 2019)

I had never played Nairn, so was looking forward to 3 days (1 practice and 2 competition) playing this iconic links in the north of Scotland as part of the Scottish Seniors series. This was the last meeting of the season and my form had been so poor i must admit I was in 2 minds as to whether to travel and probably add +0.2 on my handicap. But the entry money had been paid and the hotel organised and there were 5 of us making the trip so i thought - enjoy it, the score doesn't matter. How right that was too prove.

But, in this blog I am not going to write anything about the course, (I think everyone knows how good it is), or what the weather was like (we were golfing after all) or what the golf over the 3 days was like (that doesn't matter).

This trip was to live in the memory for a much more important and much sadder reason, little did I know it would be the last round I would play with my good golfing buddy, Ian Smith. I have know Ian for around 10 years having met him at Craigielaw and then we both joined the Scottish Seniors around the same time, around 3 4 yeas ago and had made many trips together.

As i snapped a few photos around Nairn walking behind Ian and Dave Campbell (Ian's winter foursomes partner at Gullane) I didn't think would never play together as a threesome again. How much more we may have talked about the round, the putts, the past rounds, the missed chances and more importantly what a great game this was that had brought us all together to enjoy walking on the links and sharing great moments of friendship.

Sadly shortly after the trip to Nairn after a short illness, Ian passed away at the age of 54 and we will remember him as a great golfer, highly competitive, friendly, engaging, and above all someone who was great to spend time with.

I am glad we played that round at Nairn, but from now on i will make sure every moment on the golf course is a positive one, whether it's a missed putt or a duffed chip, it matter littles compared to time spent with friends who love the game and love spending time on the links

Thanks for the memories

RIP Ian.

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